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Top Features in January 2019

Everybody loves something new, right? So do we! Last year, we grew so much with so many great features that would make your selling experience smoother and easier. But, are we gonna be satisfied with them? Of course, no! We keep improving and adding new [...]

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New Draft Mode in Inventory Transfer

Greetings! This month, we’re releasing a number of major features across several aspects, from the frontend to backend features. In this post, I’m pleased to announce our latest enhancement related to inventory management, particularly the transfer process. In the previous version of iSeller Web Admin, [...]

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Power up your productivity with new extensio...

We’re pleased to announce the availability of iSeller App Store, a marketplace for apps/add-on which extend the functionality of iSeller platform in various aspects. The iSeller App Store is a major release milestone which transforms iSeller as a comprehensive PaaS (Platform as a Service) with [...]

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