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Top Features in January 2019

Everybody loves something new, right? So do we! Last year, we grew so much with so many great features that would make your selling experience smoother and easier. But, are we gonna be satisfied with them? Of course, no! We keep improving and adding new [...]

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Digital Payment, Metode Pembayaran yang Sema...

Di tengah modernisasi dan pertumbuhan teknologi yang semakin massif, membuat beberapa bagian dari kehidupan manusia mengalami perubahan. Dampak dari hadirnya teknologi memang membuat kegiatan manusia semakin dimudahkan. Salah satu dampak dari adanya modernisasi dan teknologi ini adalah munculnya pembayaran digital (digital payment). Jika dulu kemana-mana [...]

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Introducing iSeller and BNI Yap! E-wallet In...

As mentioned in my previous blog, we have planned various integration with top industry players this year! And it is an honor for me to announce that iSeller is now fully integrated with BNI Yap!, the first approved e-wallet app in Indonesia. In this post, [...]

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