iSeller x Jurnal Collaborative Event: Retail Breakthrough

When we talk about business, we cant stray too much from what we call as innovation. The era keeps changing, so do businesses. The kind of conventional, traditional type of businesses will be overthrown by the ones who keep evolving. We live in a fast-changing world after all, where everything keeps being digitalized. If weContinue reading “iSeller x Jurnal Collaborative Event: Retail Breakthrough”

Retail Breakthrough: Modernize Your Retail Business Through Digital Kiosk

Keadaan bisnis retail saat ini sedang menurun dikarenakan daya beli masyarakat yang semakin melemah, ditambah semakin populernya bisnis online. Di era digital seperti sekarang ini, masyarakat lebih suka sesuatu yang simple, mudah, dan tidak ribet. Memang, bisnis online menawarkan semua kemudahan tersebut, namun bukan berarti akan mematikan bisnis gerai retail sepenuhnya. Para pebisnis harus mengikutiContinue reading “Retail Breakthrough: Modernize Your Retail Business Through Digital Kiosk”

iSeller New Office: New Chapter has Begun!

Everything new always brings new excitement. New clothes, new hair, new gadgets, new home, and of course new office! On Friday, March 8th 2019, all iSeller teams got very excited because we finally moved to the brand new office in Kirana Two Office Tower. This marked the beginning of a new chapter! Over these pastContinue reading “iSeller New Office: New Chapter has Begun!”

iSeller Accelerates Growth Through Southeast Asia Expansion

iSeller, omni-channel based business platform starts to spread their wings to South-East Asia market by signing exclusive collaboration agreement with GO-POS, one of the biggest POS distributor in Malaysia. Signing of the exclusive agreement took place in JCC Senayan, coincide with ‘Franchise & License Expo Indonesia’ event that is participated by both iSeller and GO-POS.Continue reading “iSeller Accelerates Growth Through Southeast Asia Expansion”

iSeller, Indonesia’s First Omni Channel E-commerce Platform Is Officially Launching.

Jakarta – October 2017: iSeller, Indonesia’s startup company which operates in information technology industry which is currently located in Jakarta, Indonesia, officially provide next generation, omni-channel e-commerce platform. This is the first appearance of omni-channel e-commerce platform in Indonesia that is aimed for SMEs (Small to Medium sized Entreprise). iSeller omni-channel platform supports entrepreneurs toContinue reading “iSeller, Indonesia’s First Omni Channel E-commerce Platform Is Officially Launching.”