Accept Payment Easily with iSeller Pay!

Simplify your payment experience using iSeller Pay! Need to accept payment without having to input your products? Or do you want to skip the hassle of activating all kinds of digital payments and cards payment? We now have a built-in payment acceptance feature in iSeller POS. Activate iSeller Pay in your store account, and you’re good to go! AcceptContinue reading “Accept Payment Easily with iSeller Pay!”

Power up your productivity with new extensions from iSeller App Store.

We’re pleased to announce the availability of iSeller App Store, a marketplace for apps/add-on which extend the functionality of iSeller platform in various aspects. The iSeller App Store is a major release milestone which transforms iSeller as a comprehensive PaaS (Platform as a Service) with rich, connected and extensible ecosystem. You can simply install aContinue reading “Power up your productivity with new extensions from iSeller App Store.”

Kitchen Display System Benefits for Various Restaurant Departments

In my previous post, I have discussed various benefits from KDS (kitchen display system), most of those benefits are designated for modern business-owner. Aside from giving tremendous benefits to business owner, KDS is proven to provide various benefits to different F&B departments such as: kitchen department, bartenders, and waiter/waitress. In this opportunity, I will shareContinue reading “Kitchen Display System Benefits for Various Restaurant Departments”

Save Cost and Increase Efficiency with Wireless Kitchen Display System

Kitchen workplace is getting more efficient and updated and it keeps upgrading from time to time. Originally, paper tickets were placed in a row for kitchen staff to see, this old style have so many risks, very costly, and very inefficient. In this modern business generation, technology plays an important role for modern businesses. OneContinue reading “Save Cost and Increase Efficiency with Wireless Kitchen Display System”

Generate business reports instantly with iSeller Admin app

In the world of business, creating report is an essential aspect. Business reports record your progress and also provide you the necessity to exhibit details, as well as to review your growth history. Moreover, business report can also help you formulate your budget and marketing plans for the upcoming year. Business report also helps youContinue reading “Generate business reports instantly with iSeller Admin app”

Introducing the All-New, Gorgeous iSeller Admin App

You might remember my previous posts regarding a powerful feature from iSeller that allows you to limit the access for certain users. In case you missed it, you can check it here. In these past few months, our entire team has worked hard, giving our very best, to create a cutting-edge and compelling app that willContinue reading “Introducing the All-New, Gorgeous iSeller Admin App”