Festival Bakmi Tirta Lie: 22.000 Mangkuk Bakmi Terjual dalam 3 Hari

Jangan bilang kamu pecinta bakmi kalau tidak tahu Tirta Lie. Tirta Lie merupakan food blogger legendaris Indonesia yang sudah mencoba 1000 bakmi di berbagai tempat dan memberikan ulasannya di blog tirtalie.com. Bukan tanpa alasan beliau disebut legendaris karena beliau bahkan sudah memecahkan rekor MURI untuk Pengunjung dan Peresensi Rasa Bakmi Terbanyak. Beliau-pun secara berkala mengadakan festivalContinue reading “Festival Bakmi Tirta Lie: 22.000 Mangkuk Bakmi Terjual dalam 3 Hari”

Introducing Multi Currency in iSeller Online Store

Have you ever wanted to get more international customers? Having international customers will open the path to international market. But it was such a hassle getting the payment when your customers use different currency. Your customers could only pay in your country’s currency, and not everyone could do that. But no worries, because now, weContinue reading “Introducing Multi Currency in iSeller Online Store”

Kitchen Display System Benefits for Various Restaurant Departments

In my previous post, I have discussed various benefits from KDS (kitchen display system), most of those benefits are designated for modern business-owner. Aside from giving tremendous benefits to business owner, KDS is proven to provide various benefits to different F&B departments such as: kitchen department, bartenders, and waiter/waitress. In this opportunity, I will shareContinue reading “Kitchen Display System Benefits for Various Restaurant Departments”

Save Cost and Increase Efficiency with Wireless Kitchen Display System

Kitchen workplace is getting more efficient and updated and it keeps upgrading from time to time. Originally, paper tickets were placed in a row for kitchen staff to see, this old style have so many risks, very costly, and very inefficient. In this modern business generation, technology plays an important role for modern businesses. OneContinue reading “Save Cost and Increase Efficiency with Wireless Kitchen Display System”