Generate business reports instantly with iSeller Admin app

In the world of business, creating report is an essential aspect. Business reports record your progress and also provide you the necessity to exhibit details, as well as to review your growth history. Moreover, business report can also help you formulate your budget and marketing plans for the upcoming year. Business report also helps youContinue reading “Generate business reports instantly with iSeller Admin app”

Introducing the All-New, Gorgeous iSeller Admin App

You might remember my previous posts regarding a powerful feature from iSeller that allows you to limit the access for certain users. In case you missed it, you can check it here. In these past few months, our entire team has worked hard, giving our very best, to create a cutting-edge and compelling app that willContinue reading “Introducing the All-New, Gorgeous iSeller Admin App”

The Importance of Cloud-Based Point of Sales in Today’s Business

In my previous posts, I have outlined our simple yet amazing iSeller platform and as a business owner, you might wonder whether cloud-based POS is the right fit for your business, and how it could benefit your business. In this post, I will highlight the key concepts and benefits of cloud-based POS, and how itContinue reading “The Importance of Cloud-Based Point of Sales in Today’s Business”

Introducing limited user access and admin elevation for POS users

In my previous posts, I’ve written about some new usability and functionality features that we introduced in our recent updates. In case you missed it, please check it out here. As I mentioned in earlier post, there are dozens of updates in the February rollup which include new functionality, stability and reliability improvements as well as important security features. In thisContinue reading “Introducing limited user access and admin elevation for POS users”

New swipe UX revolutionizes how chefs work with kitchen display

Our recent February 2017 updates brought along massive updates to our entire POS apps as well as our core iSeller Cloud foundation. In the previous post, I’ve discussed the new QuickBar UI that lets user take orders in much less taps and scrolls. Today, I’m excited to show you what we’ve done with our magical Kitchen DisplayContinue reading “New swipe UX revolutionizes how chefs work with kitchen display”

Easier and faster order taking with new QuickBar UI

Today we’re pleased to announce the latest update to our iSeller POS lineups which includes numerous major and exciting improvements that our team has been working on since the last few months. We highly recommend you to update your iSeller apps to the latest version (v1.23) to enjoy many of the features that we’ll be discussing shortly. We’llContinue reading “Easier and faster order taking with new QuickBar UI”

Selling made easy with faster checkout, multi payment, and realtime inventory sync.

In my previous post, I’ve briefly introduced iSeller, a forward-thinking PaaS commerce platform designed for today’s demanding business. One of the most powerful features that we rolled out in our release is the point-of-sale selling channel featuring deep integration and automatic realtime sync with the iSeller platform. While building iSeller POS apps, we put a lot of thoughts to reimagine the entireContinue reading “Selling made easy with faster checkout, multi payment, and realtime inventory sync.”

Introducing iSeller

Finally, the long anticipated commerce platform from Intersoft is here. Today, I’m pleased to introduce iSeller, an omni-channel commerce platform that was built from the ground up by leveraging the latest technology, solid business workflow engineering, end-to-end commerce features, streamlined inventory, digital payments, unified sales channels and most importantly, the best-in-class user experience. In a nutshell, iSeller provides all-in-one platformContinue reading “Introducing iSeller”