iSeller x TADA: Tingkatkan Kesetiaan Pelanggan Kamu!

Memiliki banyak pelanggan merupakan impian setiap pemilik bisnis. Terutama kalau pelanggan-pelanggan kamu sudah jatuh hati dan loyal membeli di toko kamu. Semakin kamu memiliki banyak pelanggan, semakin toko kamu akan memiliki penjualan yang stabil. Nah, ada beberapa cara untuk meningkatkan kesetiaan pelanggan kamu. Salah satunya adalah dengan menggunakan loyalty program. Loyalty program sendiri bisa bermacam-macam,Continue reading “iSeller x TADA: Tingkatkan Kesetiaan Pelanggan Kamu!”

iSeller, Indonesia’s First Omni Channel E-commerce Platform Is Officially Launching.

Jakarta – October 2017: iSeller, Indonesia’s startup company which operates in information technology industry which is currently located in Jakarta, Indonesia, officially provide next generation, omni-channel e-commerce platform. This is the first appearance of omni-channel e-commerce platform in Indonesia that is aimed for SMEs (Small to Medium sized Entreprise). iSeller omni-channel platform supports entrepreneurs toContinue reading “iSeller, Indonesia’s First Omni Channel E-commerce Platform Is Officially Launching.”

Kitchen Display System Benefits for Various Restaurant Departments

In my previous post, I have discussed various benefits from KDS (kitchen display system), most of those benefits are designated for modern business-owner. Aside from giving tremendous benefits to business owner, KDS is proven to provide various benefits to different F&B departments such as: kitchen department, bartenders, and waiter/waitress. In this opportunity, I will shareContinue reading “Kitchen Display System Benefits for Various Restaurant Departments”

Selling made easy with faster checkout, multi payment, and realtime inventory sync.

In my previous post, I’ve briefly introduced iSeller, a forward-thinking PaaS commerce platform designed for today’s demanding business. One of the most powerful features that we rolled out in our release is the point-of-sale selling channel featuring deep integration and automatic realtime sync with the iSeller platform. While building iSeller POS apps, we put a lot of thoughts to reimagine the entireContinue reading “Selling made easy with faster checkout, multi payment, and realtime inventory sync.”

Introducing iSeller

Finally, the long anticipated commerce platform from Intersoft is here. Today, I’m pleased to introduce iSeller, an omni-channel commerce platform that was built from the ground up by leveraging the latest technology, solid business workflow engineering, end-to-end commerce features, streamlined inventory, digital payments, unified sales channels and most importantly, the best-in-class user experience. In a nutshell, iSeller provides all-in-one platformContinue reading “Introducing iSeller”